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The Complete Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT Course

Includes ChatGPT Alternatives Google Bard & Bing Chat, Machine Learning, Images with DALL-E & Midjourney, Voice & More
Learn how to use ChatGPT from scratch, including more than 1,000 prompts we designed
Learn how to use ChatGPT's new Plugins feature so you can accomplish much more with ChatGPT
Learn how to use ChatGPT alternatives like Microsoft Bing Chat and Google Bard
Free 357 page book version of the course included
Learn how to create incredible images using AI products DALL-E and Midjourney
Learn how to use many additional AI products, including voice based, avatars, music video AI and much more
Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to do Machine Learning, which is a component of AI
Gain a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its applications in business in all industries
Understand the potential benefits and limitations of AI implementation
Develop the ability to identify opportunities for AI implementation in your own organization
Understand the ethical considerations of AI and how to address them
Understand the potential risks and challenges associated with AI implementation
Learn how to manage AI projects and teams
Understand the future potential of AI and its impact on business

Free 357 book version of the course included. This course is designed to provide all students with a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology from scratch and how AI can be leveraged to achieve business and career goals in all industries. You will learn about the many AI based applications and how to identify potential opportunities for implementation in your own organization or to take your career to the next level.

AI applications/topics that we will discuss in this comprehensive course include:

  • ChatGPT & the new ChatGPT Plugins feature from scratch, so you can accomplish so much more with ChatGPT!

  • Google’s Bard

  • Microsoft’s Bing Chat

  • Image AI products like DALL-E, and Midjourney

  • Voice and Video Cloning + Avatars

  • Machine Learning

  • How to use Microsoft Excel with Machine Learning

  • You will also learn A LOT about AI business strategy, ethical considerations of AI and how to address them, as well as the potential risks and challenges associated with AI implementation.

Here are the 16 sections in this comprehensive Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT Course: 

  • Section 1: Course Introduction and How to Take this Comprehensive A.I. & Chat GPT Course

  • Section 2: Intro. to Artificial Intelligence (Machine + Deep Learning & More)

  • Section 3: ChatGPT

  • Section 4: ChatGPT Plugins

  • Section 5: Alternatives to ChatGPT (Bard & Bing)

  • Section 6: How to Use Excel and Machine Learning

  • Section 7: Images and AI (DALL-E, MidJourney)

  • Section 8: Voice, Avatars and Cloning

  • Section 9: Other AI Applications (Ralph AI, ChatBase, Auto GPT and More)

  • Section 10: Using AI for Business Decisions

  • Section 11: Additional Risks and Ethics with AI

  • Section 12: Using AI in Different Industries

  • Section 13: Machine Learning Project Lifecycle

  • Section 14: The Future of AI

  • Section 15: OpenAI API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Section 16: Conclusion and Additional AI Topics

Course Requirements:

  • No prior knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or any technical concepts are required, except in the optional Section 15 where we discuss OpenAI and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

How to Take the Course

As explained in the first lecture, there are 3 ways to take this comprehensive course by taking the A, B or C track as follows: 

The A for All Track is for students that want to learn everything about AI from scratch.

The B for Basics Track is for students that want to only learn the basics of AI.

The C for ChatGPT Track is for students that want to only learn about ChatGPT and the new incredible ChatGPT Plugins feature.

Before all of the many lectures and exercises in this comprehensive course, are the letters A, B and C, to help you navigate how you want to take this complete Artificial Intelligence course.


Chris Haroun and Luka Anicin

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