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This course has the very fundamentals to start your computer science journey and needs no prerequisites at all. It is designed in a way such that y...
14 total hours
IT & Software
$69.99 $10
Are you Interested in understanding the basics of Health Information Technology or Health-IT? Yes, then look no further. This course has been desig...
8 total hours
Note: This course was recently updated (Dec 2022) WHY IS THIS COURSE IMPORTANT? Electronic Healthcare Record Systems are the foundation for signifi...
1 total hour
Newly Updated For 2023! Learn how to use the Robot Operating System (ROS) version 2 platform (ROS2) which is used to program real world robotics. F...
8.5 total hours
Did you know… Over 750 million people have Excel on their computers, but most don’t know how to use it! This might be because Excel can come ...
10.5 total hours
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