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Complete UiPath RPA Developer Course: Build 7 Robots

Master Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and UiPath - go from beginner to advanced.
Leon Petrou
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Design, develop and deploy state-of-the-art RPA robots.
Automate 7 real-world business processes from scratch.
Master the UiPath Framework and learn RPA best practices.
Analyse and identify processes that are best fit for RPA.
Confidently tackle the UiPath activities that are most commonly used in enterprise solutions.

Welcome to the Complete UiPath RPA Developer Course: Build 7 Robots where you will learn everything you need to know to get started as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developer. Learn and master UiPath Studio and then build state-of-the-art software robots from scratch.

The best part about this course is that this course is entirely project-based, which means you will be getting hands-on experience and learn the skills you need on how to build real-world software robots in an enterprise setting. So if you’re the type of person who ‘learns by doing’, then this course is for you.

We start off by learning what RPA is, how to choose the best processes fit for RPA, installing UiPath onto your machine and then building your first simple robot. We then explore UiPath Studio learning all about the user interface to get a basic understanding on how to use UiPath Studio. Once we cover all the basics we then take a deep dive into building real-world software robots ranging in complexity from beginner to advanced. In this course we build the following robots:

Robot 1: Clothing Consultant (Beginner)

A user enters a city name, the robot then scrapes Google for the temperature and weather in that city, the robot then processes the data and makes a decision which will then suggest a clothing type to the user.

Robot 2: Data Capturing (Beginner)

A common daily task of a Data Capturer’s life is copy-pasting data from an excel spreadsheet into a web or desktop application. This robot fully-automates that task. The robot copy-pastes 100 lines of customer data into their respective input fields of a web application and desktop application. The robot even performs both the web and desktop app data capturing simultaneously. This gets the job done in a fraction of the time that a human could with 100% accuracy.

Robot 3: The Automation Challenge (Intermediate)

This is an RPA challenge which I created to test an RPA Developer’s ability to build a robust software robot. The goal of this challenge is to create a workflow that will input data from a spreadsheet into the form fields on the screen. Beware! The fields will change position on the screen after every submission, throughout 10 rounds, thus the workflow must correctly identify where each spreadsheet record must be typed every time.

Robot 4: Real Estate Web Scraping (Intermediate)

A user enters a city name, the robot then scrapes thousands of real estate listing data in that city off the web. The data is then exported into a MS Excel spreadsheet, including the prices of the property, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and suburb location.

Robot 5: PDF Invoice Data Scraping (Advanced)

Imagine the job of an admin employee is to copy-paste text from a PDF invoice into an excel spreadsheet and then repeat this task 1000 times for 1000 different invoices. Not only is this job extremely tedious and boring, but a human is very likely to make mistakes along the way. This robot fully-automates that process by looping through every PDF file in a folder, scraping the text and “pastes” the text into a spreadsheet. This robot is 8 times faster than a human with a 0% error rate.

Robot 6: Optical Character Recognition (Advanced)

What happens when the PDF file is a scanned image, such as a printed receipt? How will UiPath read the text? The answer is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which converts text in image format to actual text. This robot loops through scanned receipt PDFs, scrapes the text and exports it into a text file.

Robot 7: Email Automation (Advanced)

In this robot, you will learn how to integrate your UiPath bot with your Gmail account, and perform all sorts of email operations. Including, reading emails, saving emails, deleting emails, moving emails, and downloading attachments. It then automatically sends an output report email to the developer displaying all logs of what emails have been processed.

Why am I qualified to teach you? I am a qualified Industrial and Systems Engineer, experienced RPA developer, Top 10% most engaging instructor on Udemy in 2021 and founder of FutureRPA, a software automation consultancy where we use RPA to streamline our clients’ business processes. I’ve incorporated everything I’ve learned in my years of engineering and teaching to make this course not only more effective but more engaging. The course includes:

  • Over 300 Lectures and 30 hours of on-demand video content.

  • 7 Real-world projects

  • 60 Activities

  • 14 Quizzes.

  • 7 Assignments.

  • And the best part… Robots!

As an extra, I will give you all 7 Robots we build completely free. You can use these robots as templates and modify them to build your own custom robots.

In an effort to continuously improve this course, I will be building new robots and adding more content to this course with time. You will be notified via an educational announcement every time I add new content to the course. Student satisfaction is important to me, so if there is anything specific you want me to teach in this course that you feel that I have not yet covered, please feel free to send me a message and I will add it to the course.

By the end of this course, not only will you be comfortable with building your own software robots but it will help you land that high-paying RPA job that you want.

Robot 3: The Automation Challenge

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